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MicroClick torque screwdriver MC 5

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For 1 to 5 Nm.

Automatic quick-release when tightening screws: Clearly audible and palpable click signal when the selected torque is reached.

Pre-setting of the torque by turning the knurled ring at the end of the handle, fixing it by sliding it into position. Clearly legible scale display. Additional micro scale for fine adjustment: 1 rotation = 1Nm. Scale ring with 0.10Nm graduation. With 1/4″ square drive (6.3mm) for holding sockets and self-locking adapter with spring sleeve for holding 1/4″ (6.3mm) standard bits in a form fitting manner. Accuracy +/- 6%. Total length 165mm.

NO 23 347

The MC 5 is a precision tool. It comes in a practical storage box for optimum protection. 

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